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To The Finish Line: UL101 Boosts Speedboat Champion’s Engine Efficiency

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

CTRL’s UL101 ultrasonic listening device helped to bring a powerboat racing champion to the finish line and set world-record speed boat performances.

The story began in 2015 with Endija Zaumane, a 14-year old powerboat driver from Latvia.

In the 2015 racing season, Zaumane was the only female driver in the Baltic States powerboat championship. Her vehicle was a JT250 speedboat, commonly used by racers in the Formula 1 Powerboat World Championship. Zaumane’s father, after learning about the CTRL’s ultrasound technology from his car mechanic, introduced the UL101 to her daughter’s speedboat maintenance routine.

Zaumane used the UL101 to get precise information about the condition of the engine and drive of the JT250 speedboat. The ultrasound technology indicated high friction in two areas of the drive and was also used to discover that the ignition box was not in optimal working condition. With the UL101 diagnostics, they replaced the ignition box.

With improved maintenance diagnostics and repair, Zaumane went on to have an illustrious career in powerboat racing, becoming the 2nd 2015 Champion in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. In 2016, regular use of the UL101 for modifications in performance of the engine and drive of the speedboat helped her to become the Baltic champion.

Zaumane also participated in the world powerboat speed contest in the United Kingdom, where she set the world record speed for the JT250 speedboat class. In addition to that, she also set the national Latvian record in the T250 class.

Endija Zaumane’s success speaks not only to her astounding skill in the sport, but also to the power of the acoustic ultrasound to precisely identify friction and engine wear to maximize engine performance and efficiency for vehicles beyond the T250 powerboat. To see how ultrasound has helped improve maintenance and repair diagnostics for other systems and platforms, check out CTRL’s work with the US Navy and Air Force.

CTRL Systems is an international leader in manufacturing ultrasonic technology for use in leak detection, preventative maintenance, and non-destructive testing. To learn how our products like the UL101 Leak Detector can be used for your systems and vehicles, speak to one of our ultrasound experts today at +1 (877) 287-5797, or schedule a free quote or demo.

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