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Acoustic Ultrasound in Commercial Aviation

The CTRL UL101 Aviation Troubleshooter, as Recommended in the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) for all Boeing Commercial Jet Aircraft

CTRL Systems is proud to be vetted and approved for AOG and life cycle maintenance for all Boeing Commercial jet aircraft.


The CTRL UL101 Aviation Troubleshooter (part number B00033; Boeing Tool Tag SPL-1473) is the ultrasound listening device (ULD) of choice for multiple maintenance applications, as published in the Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMMs) for all Boeing Commercial jet aircraft.

Applications include:

  • Pressurization Leak Checks

  • Air Conditioning Leak Checks

  • Bleed Air Check (Engine & Airframe)

  • Hydraulic Bypassing

  • Pitot Static Check 

  • Oxygen

  • Leak inspection of Evacuation Slides, Tires & Other Pressure Components


Leak Test

Hydraulic Bypassing (Brakes)

Pressurization Leak Test

Bleed Air Check (Engine & Airframe)

Pitot Static Check

Oxygen Leak Check

Evacuation Slides, Tires & Other Pressure Components


According to Boeing’s “Charlie Works” team, the UL101 Aviation Troubleshooter reduces the time required to pinpoint bleed air system
and pressurization leaks from days to an hour or less.

Pitot Static
System Check

➔ 30 min

4 hours

Engine Air
Bleed Check

➔ 15 min

2 hours

Cabin Pressure

➔ 15 min

8 hours

Data provided by Boeing (Click to Enlarge)
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