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What is Acoustic Ultrasound Condition Based Monitoring?

CTRL’s definition of Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) is the process of knowing current operational conditions of various key components of your equipment and indicating when the slightest changes first present themselves to allow time to plan and take corrective action.

In this economy, we are challenged to do more with less. More production, less maintenance; more programs, less manpower.  

Now you can diagnose machine condition or unexpected problems while in full operation with non-destructive testing (NDT) before catastrophic failure. This timely information will minimize and even eliminate production downtime by scheduling a call to action during a shutdown. Scheduling around production saves time and money and increases reliable productivity.

Reducing operations costs also means reducing wasted energy consumption. Organizations are challenged to dedicate themselves to energy-saving opportunities while maintaining steady production.

CTRL combines its quality ultrasonic products (the earliest technology which can detect change) and cloud-based software analysis into programs designed specifically for your organization's needs. Our turnkey approach helps integrate this new technology for a quicker return on investment while sustaining measurable success (equipment reliability). This allows for better corporate communication of results and benefits, all the while enhancing the capabilities of your experienced workforce.

An engineer inspects a motor bearing using the CTRL UL101 and InCTRL Mobile

An engineer inspects a motor bearing using the CTRL UL101 and InCTRL Mobile.

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