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Acoustic Ultrasound in Containers

CTRL Systems offers acoustic ultrasound solutions for performing quality control and maintenance on non-pressurized cabins in industries such as the heavy equipment and container industries. 


The purpose of detecting leaks on mobile container shelter systems, welds, and seams is to keep expensive equipment contained within dry and airtight locations to prolong shelf life and service. Although the current industry standard for verifying the integrity of gaskets and shields is a simulated rainstorm or watershed testing, this method can be cumbersome and time consuming. CTRL’s ultrasonic testing of non-pressurized automotive and heavy equipment cabins has proven to be a better alternative to watershed testing by maximizing the results of your cabin testing while minimizing cost and physical risk. 

The UL101 Difference
Easy to use

Allow for detection at a high distance when you combine the UL101 with the PowerBeam 300

Reduce costs

Competitively priced UL101 products let you lower costs by 3-5 times compared to methods like vibration reliability testing

Better results

UL101 products are ruggedized for use in caustic environments, including power plants

Simple to learn

Reduce time in training with our modules that teach you to successfully operate the UL101 within an hour to a few days


less time and manpower needed for a successful test


decrease in time per day required for an employee to complete a successful test, from 80-90 minutes to 12 minutes 



man-hours saved annually


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