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Acoustic Ultrasound Leak Detection

Ultrasound leak detection is fast, easy, and clean. ​​The CTRL UL101 is the most sensitive detector on the market, detecting leaks as low as 1.5 psi. Ultrasound leak detection offers several advantages over traditional leak detection methods such as visual inspection, pressure testing, and others. 

  1. Sensitivity

  2. Non-destructive

  3. Directional

  4. Versatile

  5. No Need To Adjust Frequency

  6. Any Type of Gas Leak

The UL101 CBM Kit and a subscription to InCTRL is recommended for all condition-based monitoring applications.

UL101 Basic Kit.png

UL101 Basic Kit

PowerBeam 300.png

PowerBeam 300
To Detect Up To 300' (100m)

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The UL101 is used to detect a leak in a pneumatic control box in a substation.

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Ultrasound Leak Detection




The UL101 Ultrasound Detector is the most sensitive device on the market today. It detects all leaks that are not laminar (create turbulence). The nature of the leak will determine the intensity.



The CTRL UL101 is used to detect leaks during normal operation, even in extremely noisy environments. There is no need to turn off your equipment, break it down, or use other technologies such as soap & bubbles that may make a mess.



Ultrasound at 40 kHz is very directional; it stays close to the location of the leak, and attenuates very rapidly. The UL101 can detect the leaks from up to 150' or 50m (300' and 100m with the PowerBeam 300 attachment). Pinpointing the exact location of the leak is easy to do. Simply adjust the sensitivity down as you get closer.



The UL101 Ultrasound Detector is more than a leak detector. The UL101 Basic Kit has attachment that are used for all airborne ultrasound such as leaks and electrical discharge It also includes a solid probe for finding internal by-pass leaks in valves and solenoids.



No Need to Adjust Frequency


Any Type of Gas Leak

The UL101 detector technology is capable to find all pressurized and vacuum leaks (turbulent flow) without the need to adjust sensor settings for a specific frequency. Some other devices on the market will actually miss leaks if they are set to the wrong frequency. 

Ultrasound detectors like the UL101 are not technically "leak detectors." They detect the turbulence of the molecules created by gas escaping through a leak from a high pressure system to a low pressure system. It does not matter what type of gas is escaping. 

Compressed Air
Energy Savings

The UL101 is a powerful tool for leak detection of any type of gas. Many organizations take advantage of the UL101's cost, sensitivity, and ease of use to find leaks in their compressor systems to save energy. 

The U.S. Department of Energy, for example, provides several resources for compressed air energy savings, and it states that an ultrasonic acoustic detector is the best way to detect leaks.

For more information:

Download US DOE's Compressed Air Energy Tips

Compressed Air Leak Savinigs.png



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