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Ultrasound Accessories

CTRL designs and manufactures attachments to enhance the capabilities of the UL101 for a variety of applications.

PowerBeam 300

The PowerBeam 300 is a parabolic accessory originally designed to test high voltage insulators and transformers from a safe distance with a high degree of accuracy. The PowerBeam 300 can accurately pinpoint sources of ultrasound within 1 degree off target from up to 300 feet (91.44 meters) away.

The PowerBeam 300 accurately pinpoints source of ultrasound to within 1 degree from center and improves the sensitivity of the UL101. The "PB300" was originally designed for the indication and location of corona discharge and arcing on medium/high voltage transformers.

The PB300's ability to pinpoint ultrasound is very useful when finding compressed air/gas or steam leaks in pipes located on high ceilings. There is no need to get a ladder or scissor lift.

CTRL PowerBeam 300 Parabolic Accessory
  • Energy Savings

  • Safety

  • Corona Discharge

  • Electrical Arcing & Tracking to Prevent Arc Flash

  • Time Savings

  • Cost Savings vs. Corona Camera


Find leaks from further away and pinpoint to exact source without use of a scissor lift.

Electrical Inspection 
(partial discharge)

Arcing - indication that a failure has occurred

Tracking - detectable even when infrared cannot

Detect leaks and operation from a safe distance.

Power Transmission 
(switch gear, transformers, etc)

Corona discharge is a major contributor to energy loss and also Radio Frequency Interference

Technical Specifications

Distance of Reception 

up to 300 ft 
Threshold of Sensitivity

0 dB SPL
Resonance Frequency

40 kHz +/- 1 kHz
Operating Temperature

-4° to +130° F
(-20° to +54° C)
Power Supply

standard AAA battery (x 2)
Battery Life

30 continuous hours

PowerBeam 300 Technical Specifications

UL101 Kit Accessories

Components That Are Part of the Standard UL101 Kits

UT2000 Universal Transmitter

Standard: p/n 026010
Intrinsically Safe: p/n 026012

Concentrator Set.png

Concentrator Set

Set: p/n 000065
Large Concentrator: p/n 070007

Mini Concenstrator: p/n 070009

Acoustic Tip: p/n 070037

Solid Probe Set.png

Solid Probe Set

Set: p/n 000050
13" Solid Probe: p/n 040060

8" Solid Probe: p/n 040055

5" Solid Probe: p/n 040050

3" Solid Probe: p/n 040045

Custom Order

23" Solid Probe: p/n 040065

Acoustic Extension Probe Set_edited.png

Acoustic Extension Probe Set

Set: p/n 000005
Double Threaded Adapter: p/n 070005

12" Acoustic Probe, Double Threaded End (x2): p/n 070045

12" Acoustic Probe, SingleThreaded End: p/n 070050

Premium Headset Behind the Head.png
Premium Headset Over the Head.png

Industrial Grade Headset

Over-the-Head (Standard): p/n 025020

Behind-the-Head (For Use With Hardhats): p/n 025015

Carrying Case

Carrying Cases sm.png

UL101 Kit Case: p/n 020019

PowerBeam 300 Kit Case: p/n 020030



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