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InCTRL Data Acquisition & Analysis

Real-time data capture and analysis from the UL101 ultrasound detector can be an instrumental tool for your reliability program. Couple that with bearing health assessment algorithms, and you have a powerful instrument at your fingertips


Let InCTRL be the cornerstone of your ultrasound reliability program

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InCTRL Cloud

InCTRL is made up of two components. The first is the cloud-based server application that provides a complete setup for the following:

  • Users

  • Locations

  • Equipment Assets

  • Test Points

  • Routes

In addition to setup, the InCTRL Cloud App displays the recorded data from the UL101 Ultrasound Detector (or any other ultrasound detector). ​

  • Time Domain Graphs with Side-by-Side / Overlay Comparison

  • Trending of the Average Amplitude For Each Test Point

  • FFT Spectral Analysis

  • Bearing Health Assessment Algorithms

The InCTRL Dashboard and Reports provide you with a snapshot and detailed overviews of the health diagnosis and conditions of all of your critical motors, gearboxes, actuators, and more.​

There's An App For That

The second component to InCTRL is the App used to record ultrasound data from the UL101 Ultrasound Detector (or any other ultrasound detector).

  • Access each test point from InCTRL Cloud in your route by location.

  • Record and upload data in real time.

  • Set baselines with the appropriate details for repeatable data capture and analysis. The information is uploaded to the cloud for future access and secure sharing of information.

  • InCTRL will then provide you with AI based analysis depending upon your baselines, threshold, and the characteristics of the newly captured data to determine if your bearing is "normal", "under lubricated", "questionable", or "suspect.

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InCTRL Features

Functionality You Will Love



Access ultrasound test data from any internet connected desktop, tablet, or phone.


Flags & Sends Email Alerts

Flags and sends alerts when amplitude exceeds set threshold.


Stack & Overlay Graphs

Detect early signs of equipment wear through baseline comparison



Create reports for cost justification, meetings and longterm planning supporting ROI and KPI


Wireless Uploads

Upload ultrasound samples wirelessly from InCTRL Mobile to InCTRL Cloud


Bearing Health Assessments

Responses include: under lubricated, normal, questionable (yellow), & suspect (red).


Trend Ultrasound Data

Plot average amplitude, root mean square (RMS) calculations over time.


Multiple Location Deployment

Corporate-wide implementation available

Do you already have an ultrasound detector?

Now current users of ultrasound who have made investments in any sensor have a choice do not necessarily have to reinvest in new hardware to begin benefiting from ultrasound condition based monitoring (CBM).You can expand your current processes to include the capture, storage, and analysis of your data with a call to action as others
have. Cables and first-hand instructions are provided, with an InCTRL Connectivity subscription, for connecting those sensors through an Android smartphone to InCTRL cloud.



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