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International Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show

The 24th annual International Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show is being held in Orlando, FL April 13-15.

CTRL Systems is pleased to join Romy Lakip of ARSEAL to highlight the applications for ultrasound inspection for Aboveground Tanks, Pipeline Valves and Motors and Pumps.

Please visit Romy and ARSEAL in Booth #323 and learn how CTRL systems ultrasound inspection can help!

Valve inspection is done with the valve fully closed. You should hear turbulence upstream of the valve and no sound downstream. You can also listen directly on the valve to hear leakage.

Valve Applications: Valve leakage and bypass

The UL101 Ultrasound transmitter can be used to detect leaks in an empty or partially full tank. The transmitter fills the inside space with ultrasound. The ultrasound will penetrate the tank anywhere there is an opening and it will be detected by the UL101 sensor during inspection.

Aboveground Storage Tank Application: Leak Detection with Ultrasound transmitter

Directly contacting a bearing with the UL101 sensor provides an ultrasound signal of bearing condition. Bearing faults are heard as pops or crackling sounds. The UL101 meter provides an indication of bearing condition. When used with InCtrl software, the measurement is compared to the baseline and InCtrl delivers the bearing condition as Normal, Needs Lubrication, Suspect or Questionable.

By listening to pump bodies, you can detect issues like impellor rubbing and cavitation. Cavitation creates bubbles in the flow (gas or liquid) which are damaging to the impellor. Ultrasound is created as the bubbles pop.

Pumping Station Applications: Bearing monitoring, precision lubrication, pump inspection- impellor rubbing, cavitation

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