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Ultrasound Certification Course

Updated: May 2, 2022

Whether you are an ultrasound novice or a long-time user of the technology, this class will benefit anyone who is interested in expanding their use and knowledge of ultrasound.

The course will be presented from a hardware-neutral perspective, and offer tools and software options for users of any ultrasound listening Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM) technology.

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Since 1989, we have been designing, manufacturing, and integrating acoustic ultrasound solutions for clients around the world.

Through our industry-leading acoustic ultrasound sensors, support by comprehensive training and cloud-based data management SAAS, we can help improve and sustain our clients' production reliability while reducing energy costs.

Class Details

The Level 1 Certification Class is an organized program consisting of classroom instruction ,testing and hands-on experience developed by our experts here at CTRL Systems. We want to impart the knowledge and skills necessary for qualification as an ultrasound operator.

ISO STANDARD 18436 - 8:2013(E) written in accordance with ASNT Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A.


Our Level 1 certification uses parts of ISO 29821 and ISO 18436 to outline methods and requirements for carrying out condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines using scan mode and contact mode ultrasound to provide measurement, data interpretation, and assessment criteria. These techniques are typically carried out on operating machinery under a range of conditions and environments. Our ultrasound detector is a passive technology that detects acoustic anomalies produced by machines.

The skills and expertise of the practitioner performing the measurements and analyzing the data are critical to the effective application of ultrasound. A practitioner of ultrasound, with knowledge based and practical training should be able to develop proper techniques to incorporate methods and procedures that lead to reliable and repeatable ultrasound inspection results.

Level 1 Classification

Our Level 1 certification provides recognition of the qualifications and competence of individuals to perform ultrasound measurements and analysis for machinery condition monitoring using our ultrasound equipment. It is possible that this procedure is not applicable to specialized equipment or other specific situations. Individuals classified as CTRL Systems level 1 are qualified to perform ultrasound measurements according to established and recognized procedures. Personnel classified as level 1 will be able to:

  1. Apply a specified ultrasound measurement technique, scan mode or contact mode.

  2. Set up and operate the ultrasound equipment for safe ultrasound data collection.

  3. Verify the integrity of collected data and prevent or control poor data and error sources.

  4. Perform basic fault detection, severity assessment, and diagnosis.

  5. Maintain a database of results and trends.

  6. Evaluate and report test results.

  7. Recognize and prevent or control factors that result in the acquisition of poor quality data.

  8. Training

To earn our level 1 certification the candidate must successfully complete three days of formal instruction , followed by an exam administered by CTRL Systems, Inc. The candidate must also complete, within six months of exam, at least one of five projects at his facility.


Upon completion of project(s) the candidate will submit a certification application to CTRL Systems, Inc. If all five projects are completed the candidate will be issued a certificate for level 1 ultrasound condition monitoring and diagnostics universal good for five years from date of issue. If less than five projects are completed the candidate will be issued a certificate for level 1 ultrasound condition monitoring and diagnostics good for five years from date of issue in the areas completed.

Class Schedule

Day 1

  • Registration and Networking

  • Introduction to Level 1 Certification & Condition-Monitoring Principles / Q&A

  • Principles of Ultrasound I

Day 2

  • Principles of Ultrasound II

  • Data Acquisition in Ultrasound I

  • Data Acquisition in Ultrasound II

  • Data Storage and Management

  • Application to Machine Systems: Introduction

  • Application to Machine Systems I: Compressed Gas Leak Detection

Day 3

  • Application to Machine Systems II: Vacuum Leak Detection

  • Application to Machine Systems III: Non-Pressurized Vessel Testing/Tone Testing

  • Application to Machine Systems IV: Valve Inspection

  • Application to Machine Systems V: Steam Trap Inspection

  • Application to Machine Systems VI: Hydraulics

  • Application to Machine Systems VII: Lubrication

  • Application to Machine Systems VIII: Bearing Defects

Day 4

  • Application to Machine Systems IX: Electrical Applications and Safety

  • Application to Machine Systems: Q&A

  • Introduction to InCTRL: Real Time Analysis, Cloud-Based Data Management

  • Program Implementation

  • Severity Determination

  • Reporting & Corrective Action

Day 5

  • Personal Safety

  • Course Review/Final Q&A

  • Study Break


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