Military Applications for Ultrasound Listening Devices (ULDs)

CTRL technology is being provided to military and other government organizations to meet the critical needs of readiness, improved man-hours, and evaluation of critical systems.

The performance and quality of CTRL's products have been proven, and re-affirmed by NASA's selection of the UL101 ultrasound sensor for maintenance and leak detection on the International Space Station and all of the shuttles as well as several platforms by the U.S. military and prime contractors such as Lockheed Martin.


Proven Quality

CTRL has been awarded the Gold Medal For Quality Performance by the Defense Supply Center in Richmond, VA. CTRL was recognized as one of the government's best suppliers due to CTRL providing 10 or more contract lines and scoring a perfect 100% on the stringent quality and delivery requirments established by the Defense Logistics Agency.

Proven Performance

CTRL products were selected and tested by NASA for mission critical maintenance diagnostics and leak detection. The UL101 was chosen from a variety of competitive devices for ease of use, performance, superior signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivity, and very low power consumption.

Proven Benefits


The UL101 has replaced older ultrasound devices on a variety of systems and platforms for critical applications. Large scale implementation of the technology was demonstrated to result in immediate returns on investment while reducing man-hours.

Proven Results

Implementation in the various government organizations such as military, aerospace, and regulated industries have been utilizing CTRL technology and achieving the expected results for many years. Results include decreased man-hours, decreased parts swapping, improved production and readiness, and much more.


Part Number 




UL101 Air Audit Kit, Standard
UL101 Air Audit Kit, Intrinsically Safe
UL101 Full Kit, Standard
UL101 Full Kit, Intrinsically Safe
UL101 Base Kit, Intrinsically Safe
UL101 Base Kit, Standard



6635 01 534 2512
6635 01 587 1093
6635 01 673 0796
6635 01 183 8948

Intrinsically Safe: ANSI /UL 91 3-88, for DIVISION 1, CLASS I , Groups A, B, C and D, CLASS II, Groups E, F, G
and CLASS III . It also complies with DIVISION 2, CLASS I , Groups A, B, C and D, CLASS II , Groups F, G, and


GSA Contract #: GS-06F-0001 N
CTRL Cage Code: 62373

Authorized Applications

Branch Platform Authorization
Marine / NAVSEA VCHT - Vacuum Wastewater MRC G2HL
Sea Water Valves MRC 5210
Sub Fleet 6 Applications
Wheel & Track Tool Set, Battalion Maintenance
Shop Equipment, Common No. 2
Shop Equipment, FM
M1A2 Abrams
Miltary Aviation: Air Force, Air Guard, NAVAIR
  T-38C AAI SERD Y327; Tool Set, Battalion Maintenance
  AV-8B SERD 3100 - RCS Leak Test
C-130 SERD 3237 - Bleed Air Test
C-5 1C-5A-2-13
EA-6B SERD 3892
E-2D SERD 9342
P-3 SERD 0077
KC-46 New Replacement for KC-135
Same applications as Boeing 767 commercial aircraft
KC-135 1-KC-135R-3JG-1 and 3
F-5 SERD 9143; Cabin Air Supply Duct Test
F-15 Blanket Authorization
F-16 SERD GD51508
F-35 RCS Leak Test
A-10 1A-10C-2-21TS-1

This is not considered an exhaustive list of applications or platforms. For example, CTRL and NAVSEA collaborated to test and verify use of the UL101 for more than 100 applications for the benefit of the Fleet. As a result, several departments have already authorized the use of the UL101.

Further, several allies have integrated or are in the process of integration of the UL101 to the entire fleet across all disciplines where ultrasound could be used. CTRL Systems continues to work with the US Military and our Allies on a regular, on-going basis for integration of ultrasound. 

Air Force or Air Guard maintenance personnel that wish to be qualified for use of the CTRL UL101 can do so.

UL101 Training CD: TO 33D7-22-50-1

UL101 Operator's Manual: TO AG-670-UL101-100