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We are the Ultrasound Reliability Leader.

For more than 30 years, CTRL Systems has been the manufacturer of the world's premiere ultrasound listening device (ULD), the CTRL UL101. As independently verified, the UL101 possesses the highest signal-to-noise ratio* of any ULD on the market. The superior sound quality of the UL101 is ideal for applications ranging from compressed gas leak detection and steam trap analysis to electrical fault detection and bearing inspection. Coupled with the groundbreaking InCTRL cloud-based data management platform and the InCTRL Mobile app, the UL101 is a complete condition-based monitoring (CBM) solution which serves as a valuable cornerstone to reliability programs around the world. 

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*Highest signal-to-noise ratio: At top, spectral analysis shows a sound sample collected at a steam trap by a CTRL UL101. The bottom three waveforms show sound samples collected by competitive devices at the same steam trap. 

About CTRL Systems

CTRL Systems, Inc. is located in Westminster, Maryland, USA with business development managers in Mexico City, Mexico; Madrid, Spain; and Beijing, China.  Our global partners represent our brand around the world, helping us to provide fully-integrated ultrasound reliability solutions on six continents and even in outer space. We are a veteran-owned company and proud to partner with the United States Armed Forces and the GSA.

We are the industry experts in cloud-based ultrasound CBM. Our company offers comprehensive reliability solutions that encompass product delivery, training, integration, and ongoing support and consultation. 

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Compressed gas leaks. Non-pressurized vessel testing. Long-distance electrical faults. Steam trap and valve inspections. Cloud-based ultrasound reliability for critical assets and lubrication reliability.

We would be glad to discuss your organization's specific needs and applications for ultrasound CBM.

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