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UL101 Used to Find Opportunity to Improve Engine Efficiency in Speedboat

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Dear Benjamin,

You may be interested in this story about using the UL101 for checking the engine and drive of a JT250 speedboat.

In the 2015 season, I was contacted by Endija Zaumane and her family. Endija is a fourteen-year-old girl and was the only female driver in the Baltic States powerboat championship.

Mr. Zaumane learned about very positive performance changes in his car as the result of his mechanic using the UL101 ultrasound technology together with SX6000.

The UL101 was used to get precise information about the condition of the engine and drive of the speedboat. The UL101 indicated high friction in two areas of the drive. It was also used to discover the ignition box was not in optimal working condition. The ignition box was replaced.

As a result, Zaumane became 2nd champion in 2015 in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. In 2016, regular use of the UL101 helped Zaumane to become the Baltic champ due to the modifications in performance of the engine and drive of the speedboat. She recently participated in the world powerboat speed contest in the United Kingdom where she set the world speed record for the JT250 speed boat class. She also set the national Latvian record in the T250 class, as well as the world record.

The results in Latvia are very promising for using the UL101 to identify friction and engine wear that can be treated with the SX6000 product to maximize engine performance and efficiency.

Many more should use the UL101 for its benefits of saving both time and money on locating and repairing present and potential mechanical problems.

Best regards,

Michael U. Chittka


In this link you will find the russian version of our Sx6000 video where you can see the UL101 is used for checking the condition of the engine and the workout.

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