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Ultrasound for the Food and Beverage Industry

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Multi-Site Compressed Air Energy Savings

  • Full ultrasound inspection of each site’s compressed air system. All failures were located, tagged, and repaired.

  • Each site’s compressed air system was monitored 24/7 for before-and-after comparison.

  • Overall, 447failures were located and repaired.

  • Two of three facilities completely shut down a compressor because of lowered demand.

  • Overall consumption at all facilities decreased by 3.35 million kWh annually.

  • Sustained annual energy savings between 26% and 48% at each facility.

About CTRL Systems

As the experts in ultrasound analysis since 1989, CTRL Systems offers comprehensive maintenance and reliability solutions for aviation, industrial maintenance, military, and power.

From subsea Naval platforms to the International Space Station, CTRL’s technology has been applied to some of the most unique maintenance and reliability issues on the planet.

Ultrasound analysis detects high frequency (40 kHz) sound from mechanical, electrical, and fluid systems and converts it into real-time audio recordings and digital data that can be used to trend changes in operating condition and predict equipment failure before it occurs.

The UL101 Leak Detector

The UL101 Leak Detector quickly locates the ultrasound waves produced by compressed gas and vacuum leaks. Simply aim the leak detector in the direction of the piping and adjust the sensitivity to pinpoint the location of any leak with turbulent flow. The UL101 has the best signal-to-noise ratio and highest sensitivity in the market. Leaks sound like rushing air in the operator's head set, and the gain can be minimized to eliminate all or most ultrasonic "white noise" for an operator-friendly user experience.

Benefits of UL101 Acoustic Ultrasound Listening Devices


Simply adjust the sensitivity on the UL101 Leak Detector's handheld receiver to pinpoint the leak; scan areas from up to 300 feet away with the PowerBeam 300 parabolic accessory.


Ultrasound travels in linear paths and doesn't tend to travel around corners or reflect. Using CTRL’s acoustic ultrasound listening products, leaks are not easily masked.


Our UL101 Leak Detectors can find leaks faster and more accurately. Your systems can now run at normal and even improved vacuum levels to improve power turbine efficiency.


The cost of a high end ultrasound detector is 3 to 5 times less than the cost of a helium leak detection system. CTRL’s UL101 products are priced competitively compared to industry leaders, require less training, and are faster to use.

No Calibration Needed

Acoustic ultrasound is used for indication and location, not leak measurement. Our leak detectors are ruggedized for use in the most caustic of environments, including power plants.

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