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Ultrasound for Predictive Maintenance

Condition based monitoring and predictive maintenance has traditionally been performed through vibration analysis, shock pulse, infrared, and other technologies. Ultrasound technology is often ignored but is an excellent option, especially for organizations without the luxury of large budgets or trained, certified personnel. The CTRL UL101 ultrasound detector is capable of accurately interpreting the sounds created by under lubrication, over lubrication, and early signs of wear. The right ultrasound technology is a fast and effective means of determining such conditions in moving, mechanical components such as bearings, gearboxes, motors, compressors, etc.

Condition Based Monitoring

It only takes a couple minutes per test point to have an effective monthly routine and prevent unplanned downtime. If properly implemented and used on a regular basis, CTRL ultrasound technology can be a fast, cost-effective means of monitoring critical components at your facility. The approach to implementation should include the right product, training of personnel, identification of critical components, benchmarking, and the determination to follow through on good intentions. A lack of training and understanding, irregular monitoring, and a lack of commitment to the predictive maintenance program will lead to poor results. However, proper implementation of ultrasound technology will increase production, decrease troubleshooting time, and decrease time spent putting out fires by your production and facility maintenance staffs. The right ultrasound technology truly can be more than just a leak detector.

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