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Acoustic Ultrasound in Railroad

Keeping railcars and locomotives moving is as important to an economy as any industry. CTRL Systems has worked closely with railroad service organizations, operators, and manufacturers to identify more than 20 areas of application to use the UL101 and InCTRL for inbound/outbound inspection stations.

Manufacturers of hopper cars and train compartments that carry grain, cement, or other granular materials must inspect their products for leaks in order to ensure effective transportation. The current industry standard is extremely rudimentary, typically only done visually with a flashlight. This practice is very time consuming, and still leads to routine leaks and loss of inventory. However, CTRL revolutionizes this process with the UL101 ultrasound listening devices.

Acoustic Ultrasound in Manufacturing

Every industry can benefit from the diverse applications afforded by CTRL Ultrasound Technology and Programs. Each step along the production process is vital to maintaining up-time and a profitable output. Our acoustic ultrasound technology enables users to perform essential maintenance checks without disrupting a day’s workflow, saving precious time and helping prevent catastrophic breakdowns. The UL101 product line has been used by our manufacturing customers for both maintenance checks and quality control. Our clients have been able to save valuable uptime, as the UL101 acoustic ultrasound listening devices can be used during production to find any air, electrical, and hydraulic leaks in the facility, and can even be used to locate and diagnose bearing and vibration problems. Likewise, the UL101 can also be used to detect leaks during quality control, with one production plant being able to reduce their leak detection testing from 15 minutes to 2 minutes.

Acoustic Ultrasound in Oil and Gas

Our UL101 product line works across several types of plants, factories, and distilleries to diminish electrical and gas leaks. Using our acoustic ultrasound technology, our UL101 Leak Detector is able to detect and pinpoint the location of leaks, regardless of the source of the leak or the type of machinery. Our customers have used the UL101 Leak Detector to monitor all facets of machinery, from detachable joints, like flange couplings and threads, to permanent welded seams. In one of the largest refineries in the world, the UL101 acoustic ultrasound listening device and PowerBeam 300 were used to improve time for flange inspection. More than 3500 flanges were checked in one week during shutdown without removing the insulation or building scaffolding, resulting in immeasurable time and cost savings.

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