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CTRL Vetted by Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

In 2019, Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) vetted and authorized the CTRL UL101 for multiple maintenance applications on all BCA jet aircraft. CTRL technology is referenced in the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) for all planes.

The CTRL UL101 Aviation Troubleshooter, as Recommended in the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) for all Boeing Commercial Jet Aircraft CTRL Systems is proud to be vetted and approved for AOG and life cycle maintenance for all Boeing Commercial jet aircraft. The CTRL UL101 Aviation Troubleshooter (part number B00033; Boeing Tool Tag SPL-1473) is the ultrasound listening device (ULD) of choice for multiple maintenance applications, as published in the Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMMs) for all Boeing Commercial jet aircraft.

Applications include:

  • Pressurization Leak Checks

  • Air Conditioning Leak Checks

  • Bleed Air Check (Engine & Airframe)

  • Hydraulic Bypassing

  • Pitot Static Check

  • Oxygen

  • Leak inspection of Evacuation Slides, Tires & Other Pressure Components

Estimated Savings

- For pitot static systems and engine bleed air checks, AOG

man-hours decrease by 87.5%.

- For cabin pressure testing, AOG man-hours decrease by 96.9%.

- Reducing a single four-hour delay by 87.5% results in an

estimated savings of $111,835 - $373,480 (depending on BCA


- One U.S. passenger airline states that the equipment pays for

itself with a single AOG maintenance event.

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