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CTRL Hydraulics Fluid System Leaks

Since 1989, CTRL has been designing, manufacturing, and integrating acoustic ultrasound solutions for our clients around the world.

Through CTRL's industry-leading acoustic ultrasound sensors, supported by comprehensive training and cloud-based data management SaaS, we help to improve and sustain our clients’ production reliability while reducing energy costs.

Ultrasound Hydraulics Solutions

CTRL’s airborne ultrasound solutions can quickly and effectively locate hydraulic fluid system leaks, even during peak operation. Technicians do not have to feel around operating machinery or failed parts with their hands to find leaks, or spray down components with soap and water solution looking for bubbles to findleaks. Ultrasound leak detection is not hindered by facility operation noise, and therefore involves less guess work in leak isolation.

Our integrated ultrasound listening device, the UL101 Leak Detector, will allow you to focus more time on production and less on quality control inspections, warranty rework, and infield repairs. Additional uses of the UL101 Leak Detector include using the provided solid probe attachment to listen for ultrasound. By pressing the tip of the solid probe (attached to the UL101 receiver) against a valve, you can easily hear the valve functioning and determine its operating condition, such as a leak.

What Sets CTRL Apart

Our ultrasound condition-based monitoring (CBM) takes place in a non-destructive testing (NDT) environment, allowing users to inspect and accurately monitor assets while equipment is fully operational. Our hardware is supported by in-person and cloud-based training, as well as a first-of-its-kind data management platform: InCTRL. The CTRL approach to acoustic ultrasound CBM is viable for a single-site operation or a global multi-site organization

Acoustic Ultrasound Solutions

CTRL’s ultrasound reliability program is implemented through a turnkey process that results in production reliability, quality control, safety, and improved energy savings. CTRL Systems, Inc. is dedicated to helping your organization quickly integrate advanced ultrasound technologies to enhance operational efficiency, increase cost effectiveness, and achieve superior reliability results.

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