Reduce Downtime with Condition-Based Monitoring Solutions 

CTRL Systems is the industry leader in ultrasound predictive maintenance and reliability-centered maintenance solutions. Our non-destructive testing (NDT) environments will help you quickly integrate advanced ultrasound technologies to enhance operational efficiency, increase cost effectiveness, and achieve superior reliability results. 

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Why Condition-Based Monitoring?

Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) in predictive maintenance is the process of knowing current operational conditions of various key components of your equipment and indicating when the slightest changes first present themselves to allow time to plan and take corrective action.

With CTRL's UL101 devices, your organization will be able to bolster your first line of defense against equipment failure using reliability-centered maintenance solutions. Our experts can help you reduce operations costs and wasted energy consumption. 


We are the Experts in Ultrasound Condition-Based Monitoring.

Stay ahead with the UL101.

Acoustic Ultrasound Condition-based Monitoring (CBM) offers the earliest indicator of change in an asset's operating conditions. Our UL101 ultrasound listening devices can help detect asset failure before it occurs, helping you take proactive steps to maintain your equipment and avoid catastrophic failure. 

Do more with less.

More production, less maintenance; more programs, less manpower.  

With the UL101, you can diagnose machine condition or unexpected problems while in full operation with non-destructive testing (NDT) before catastrophic failure. This timely information will minimize and even eliminate production downtime by scheduling a call to action during a shutdown.

Implement and learn with easy-to-use software.

Reduce time in training with our modules that teach you the basics of CBM and the UL101 within an hour to a few days. InCTRL, our cloud-based database management solution for ultrasound reliability maintenance, gives you total control no matter where you are. 

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