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Systems Solutions

Image by Crystal Kwok
Leak Detection

Airborne ultrasound detection can be used to easily locate leaks within a noisy environment. CTRL Systems has designed an easy-to-use device that is more sensitive than any other ultrasound detector in the world. With the UL101 and our conditioned based monitoring technology, you can detect leaks from up to 150 feet away and pinpoint their exact location in mere seconds. 

Image by American Public Power Associati
Electrical Systems

Airborne ultrasound can be used to detect various electrical faults; including corona discharge, tracking, and arcing. The PowerBeam 300 parabolic accessory allows the technician to locate sources of ultrasound with pinpoint accuracy from distances up to 300 feet away. Additionally, the InCTRL platform and InCTRL mobile app can be used to record samples, store testing history, and communicate faults through a management chain. 

Image by Kumpan Electric

CTRL’s airborne ultrasound solutions can quickly and effectively locate hydraulic fluid system leaks, even during peak operation. Technicians do not have to physically look for failed parts or leaks with their hands, or use soap and water solution. Ultrasound leak detection is not hindered by facility operation noise, and therefore involves less guess work in leak isolation.

Image by Aaron Huber

Precision lubrication is based on using an acoustic ultrasound detector to see if the bearing needs to be lubricated, and how much lubricant it needs to operate as a reliable asset. CTRL uses airborne & structure-borne ultrasound (AB&S) technology to allow users of our UL101 ultrasound listening devices to detect frequencies over the human audition threshold. 

Image by Aaron Barnaby
Valve & Steam

As fluid passes or flows around an obstruction, downstream turbulence is generated, resulting in an auditory signature. The differential changes in the signature (i.e. amplitude) is considered leak-by. Effective use of the UL101 for ultrasound detection on valves can reduce and even eliminate unnecessary overhaul costs, resources, and time. 

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