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Ultrasonic Leak Detector

CTRL Systems has designed an easy-to-use device that is more sensitive than any other ultrasound detector in the world.

With the UL101 Leak Detector and our conditioned based monitoring technology, you can detect leaks from up to 150 feet away and pinpoint their exact location in mere seconds.

Ultrasonic Leak Detector Benefits

Other devices require you to be within 1 to 2 feet, to adjust the frequency, to only use for a particular type of gas, etc. The design of the UL101 is "keep it simple." CTRL has designed an easy to use device that is more sensitive than any other and fits in the palm of your hands.

With the UL101 Leak Detector, you can easily find leaks in a noisy environment. Acoustic ultrasound has a very impressive range and can detect leaks from as far as 150 feet, depending upon the intensity of the leak, pinpointing the leak to the exact location in seconds. For more information and product specifications, see the related products below.

Energy Savings Reduce your compressor usage by 20% - 30%.

HVAC Ultrasound is not affected by wind.

Expensive Gas (Any Type) Finding one Nitrogen leak has immediate ROI.

Steam Leaks / Steam Traps Improve steam system efficiency and save money.

What Sets CTRL Apart

Our ultrasound condition-based monitoring (CBM) takes place in a non-destructive testing (NDT) environment, allowing users to inspect and accurately monitor assets while equipment is fully operational. Our hardware is supported by in-person and cloud-based training, as well as a first-of-its-kind data management platform: InCTRL. The CTRL approach to acoustic ultrasound CBM is viable for a single-site operation or a global multi-site organization.

Acoustic Ultrasound Monitoring Keeps You Ahead of the Curve

CTRL’s UL101 Ultrasound Listening Device (ULD) is more than just a leak detector. Acoustic ultrasound technology is a first line of defense against asset failure. As an important component in a reliability-centered maintenance program (RCM), acoustic ultrasound enables users to monitor asset lubrication and take proactive steps to maintain efficient, on-time operation.

The benefits don’t end with reliability. Acoustic Ultrasound Condition-based Monitoring (CBM) offers the earliest indicator of change in an asset's operating conditions. Ultrasound CBM can help detect asset failure before it occurs, making the technology a valuable first line of defense in any predictive maintenance (PdM) program.

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