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UL101 Gets the Press in Germany

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

The CTRL UL101 has long been a critical tool for condition based monitoring and leak detection in Eastern Europe. CTRL Systems, Inc. and Richard Chambers GmbH have partnered for many years to introduce and integrate the unique CTRL technology.

Here are some recent publications that recognize the UL101 and InCTRL for its unique approach:

Further, Richard Chambers GmbH was awarded "Best Emissions Reduction Technologies Company" for their work with the UL101 and their lubricants to help reduce emissions in automotive and factories. Check out the interview with Mr. Chambers The Emissions Problem: Why Tech Solutions Matter

*The UL101 Ultrasound Detector is marketed by Richard Chambers GmbH as the "Ultraschall SPION 101" or Ultrasound Spy 101.

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