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The CTRL UL101 Leak Detector Offers 21st Century Method of Detecting Conveyor Belt Malfunctions

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Conveyor belt systems are very common in the manufacturing process of various industries. Since 1844, conveyor belts have assisted production across the world; however, their sustainability could be costing you excess money in electricity bills over time.

One of the most common issues that arise in conveyor belts are related to air leaks. These leaks are typically hard to find and result in higher energy and thus high electricity bills. Within the conveyor belt rollers little pockets of air can collect and slow down the machine. As the machine slows down over time the belt will exert more energy for a longer period of time to meet operation standards. At CTRL Systems we have created an acoustic ultrasound that will help detect these air leaks before they increase your monthly electricity expense. The purpose of detecting compressed air leaks is to save energy by minimizing the amount of compressor run time. This will in turn increase compressor life expectancy and maintain an efficient uninterrupted operation.

The CTRL UL101 Leak Detector offers a much faster and more effective method of locating leaks, even during peak operation. With the use of the UL101, maintenance technicians will be able to identify leaks by acoustic ultrasound rather than ambient noise; and, therefore will require less downtime and guesswork throughout the locating process. If an air leak is detected, the technician can locate the source of the leak for repairs. Once repaired, the UL101 will continue to provide benefits by allowing an easier way to monitor machinery and decreasing electricity bills over time.

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