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Technology Integration through Turnkey Implementation

Once a decision is made to implement ultrasound, many organizations fail to achieve the desired benefits. There are several reasons including initial lack of understanding of the technology, improper training, improper devotion of time and resources, improper identification of critical areas of implementation, etc. Too many organizations are busy putting out fires, rather than taking the time to develop a plan for fire prevention, suppression, and containment.

Dedication to implementation is required in order to achieve the expected benefits from any new technology or program. When using ultrasound technology, the first step to a fast return on investment is to identify the critical equipment for which to initialize monthly recordings. Consider the following steps for ultrasound technology integration:

  • Identify critical components and systems for testing

  • Identify test points and take initial sample readings for benchmarking using UL101/InCTRL Mobile/InCTRL

  • Document test points, test settings, and thresholds

  • Train additional personnel to properly operate ultrasound detectors and software in accordance to the documentation

  • Maintain flexibility, expand product integration, and continue to evaluate key areas of integration including condition based monitoring and even leak detection


t only takes a couple minutes per test point to have an effective monthly routine and prevent unplanned downtime. If properly implemented and used on a regular basis, CTRL ultrasound technology can be a fast, cost-effective means of monitoring critical components at your facility. The approach to implementation should include the right product, training of personnel, identification of critical components, benchmarking, and the determination to follow through on good intentions. A lack of training and understanding, irregular monitoring, and a lack of commitment to the predictive maintenance program will lead to poor results. However, proper implementation of ultrasound technology will increase production, decrease troubleshooting time, and decrease time spent putting out fires by your production and facility maintenance staffs. The right ultrasound technology truly can be more than just a leak detector.

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