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Reliability Centered Maintenance

InCTRL is our tiered database management platform. InCTRL Basic is a free desktop and mobile app that allows teams to create surveys in the field and wirelessly upload them to a desktop over a local network. Teams can record electrical faults, pneumatic leaks, and other sources of ultrasound and log them to a survey with photos, GPS coordinates, notes, and other valuable information. From the desktop app, users can review the data and create PDF and CSV reports.

By upgrading to InCTRL Pro, teams can implement a comprehensive cloud-based CBM solution. InCTRL Pro can survey, trend, analyze, and report data from thousands of individual test points in real time without being chained to a data stick or a desktop computer. InCTRL Mobile gives end users the ability to create new surveys or complete existing CBM routes from anywhere in the world, wirelessly (and securely) sending ultrasound samples, photos, and asset notes to a cloud-based data management platform (InCTRL Pro) that can be accessed from any web browser in the world. InCTRL Pro is a cloud-based SaaS that automatically alerts the appropriate users when an asset is operating outside of a pre-determined baseline, creating an immediate call-to-action. With InCTRL Pro, teams can stop chasing maintenance fires and get ahead of the curve, delivering world-class uptime of 90% or more.

A Sensor as Good as It's Signal - The UL101

An ultrasound reliability program is only as good as its data. CTRL’s ultrasound sensors capture the highest possible quality of signal from an asset being monitored, notifying users of changes in condition that other sensors might miss. The UL101 uses a unique, enhanced IP to shift ultrasonic frequency into the audible range, producing the highest quality signal-to-noise ratio of any ultrasound detector on the market. The superior quality of CTRL’s UL101 makes it ideal for countless maintenance and reliability applications, ranging from mechanical CBM and lubrication assessment to electrical fault indication and pneumatic leak detection.


• Tuned to 40 kHz (+/- 1/5 kHz); no frequency adjustment required

• Gain Control all but eliminates ultrasonic “white noise” in most environments

• Highest quality signal-to-noise ratio

• Industrial Grade Materials

• Concentrators for acoustic extension probes for airborne applications

• Solid probes for contact applications

• UT200 ultrasonic transmitter for tightness/non-pressurized container testing

• No calibration required

• Five-Year Limited Warranty — optional annual inspection included

• InCTRL Basic and 90-day trial of InCTRL Pro included

• Access to InCTRL e-Learning Portal included

• NSN and GSA listings available

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