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Predictive and Preventive Maintenance with the CTRL UL101 Acoustic Ultrasound.

The concept of maintenance is understood across many levels of the organization, however it’s depth goes far beyond a simple definition. Maintenance can be broken down into a plethora of categories, for example corrective maintenance, predetermined maintenance, preventative maintenance, predictable maintenance and more. When buying an asset, the goal is to maximize it’s lifespan by both being able to predict and prevent the maintenance it will need in the future. When thinking about the longevity of your asset, companies will need a preventative and predictive maintenance tool that will reduce costs and limit shut down hours required for these procedures. For this reason the use of predictive maintenance tools has been increasing among companies each year. The question is, which one is best for you?

Well, you're in luck, here at CTRL Systems we have many different ultrasound devices that both predict, prevent, and troubleshoot maintenance related issues. Rather than spending money on different devices, CTRL offers maintenance techniques for the predetermined and present issues that arise in different scenarios. From lubrication calibration to electrical inspection, our UL101 industry specific packages can discover current problems and detect oncoming issues such as corona accumulation or under lubrication. With the addition of the InCTRL platform you will be able to stay organized and on top of all the data for your assets.

Each one of our CTRL ultrasound devices offers predictive and preventive maintenance techniques for leak detection, electrical inspection, hydraulics, and lubrication. Head to our website or reach out to one of our ultrasound experts to learn which tool will work best for your business.

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