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New Moon-Orbiting Outpost Contract Finalized! Can Consumer Ultrasound Improve onboard safety?

Nasa’s Artemis program is a space program focused on establishing a more robust presence on the moon, better preparing astronauts for missions to and from Mars. It will also give astronauts better access to the moon, allowing for consistent trips to and from the lunar surface. During July of 2021, the development of the HALO living quarters that will orbit the moon was approved for just under one billion dollars. With multiple docking locations and a human landing system, it will provide a new standard for space exploration in our galaxy.

As the HALO outpost is built and launched into space, preventative maintenance will be key to ensuring safe operation. Not only could a single mistake result in millions in losses, but it could also put astronauts' safety at risk.

CTRL has worked with NASA since 2001, and from cabin leak detection to general diagnosis, we have played a role in ensuring spacecraft safety. When building the cabins on the HALO outpost, extensive testing for leakage will be vital for ensuring that gasses aren’t entering or exiting the station. Devices like the UL101 Acoustic Ultrasound Detector can even be used in space to detect air leaks, allowing repairs to be made while in orbit. With NASA outfitting all of their Space Shuttles with UL101 Kits, we are optimistic that the HALO outpost will have CTRL products on board too.

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