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Experienced users of ultrasound technology are finding more ways to achieve measurable results

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Experienced users of ultrasound technology are finding more ways to achieve measurable results in 2018 and beyond.

A lot of folks know that Airborne and Structure-borne (A&SB) ultrasound is a viable technology for leak detection and for troubleshooting rotating pieces of equipment. Hopefully you are using A&SB ultrasound for one of these applications in your organization. But did you know that you could be using the technology to accomplish much more? 

In the above example, waveform data collected from an ultrasound listening device (ULD) — in this case, the CTRL UL101 — and analyzed with spectral analysis in our web-based data management platform (InCTRL) reveals the presence of an electrical failure caused by frequency drives. To request and download white papers related to developing an ultrasound condition-based monitoring (CBM) reliability and/or lubrication program(s), please CLICK HERE.

Finally, In the above example, waveform data collected from a CTRL UL101 and analyzed with spectral analysis in InCTRL reveals a mechanical deviation related to imbalance. The key to using software to detect subtle changes in ultrasonic activity is signal clarity. The UL101 has the highest signal-to-noise ratio of any ULD on the market today. This superior sound signal makes analysis simpler and more accurate.

In addition to applications related to electrical failures, ultrasound technology and InCTRL can be used to develop lubrication programs, detect mechanical deviations due to imbalance, and perform non-pressurized integrity testing for quality control. As experienced ultrasound users continue to think outside the box in 2018, CTRL Systems is dedicated to helping them further the use of A&SB ultrasound as a first warning technology and use the information ultrasound provides to build better asset management programs. If you would like to receive more information about using ultrasound better in 2018  — or perhaps about using ultrasound CBM for the very first time  — please contact us today!

To request the following white papers, please click any of the links below: 

   Adopting ISO 29821-1 for Electrical Failure Diagnosis

     Increasing Personal Safety Using Airborne Ultrasound Inspection

     Non-Pressurized Cabin Testing in Aircraft, Automobiles, Railcars, and Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

     Precise Lubrication with InCTRL: Controlling the Lack and Excess of Lubrication with A&SB Ultrasound

     Ultrasound Condition-Based Monitoring: Data Collection and Database Management in the Cloud

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