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CTRL Ultrasound in the Railroad Industry

We help manufacturers use the UL101 for quality control to reduce their inspection time and improve quality, safety, and energy at their locomotive and railcar manufacturing facilities.

Keeping railcars and locomotives moving is as important to an economy as any industry. CTRL Systems has worked closely with railroad service organizations, operators, and manufacturers to identify more than 20 areas of application to use the UL101 and InCTRL for inbound/outbound inspection stations.

Manufacturers of hopper cars and train compartments that carry grain, cement, or other granular materials must inspect their products for leaks in order to ensure effective transportation. The current industry standard is extremely rudimentary, typically only done visually with a flashlight. This practice is very time consuming, and still leads to routine leaks and loss of inventory. However, CTRL revolutionizes this process with the UL101 ultrasound listening devices.

About CTRL

Since 1989, CTRL has been designing, manufacturing, and integrating acoustic ultrasound solutions for our clients around the world.

Through CTRL's industry-leading acoustic ultrasound sensors, supported by comprehensive training and cloud-based data management SaaS, we help to improve and sustain our clients’ production reliability while reducing energy costs.

What Sets Us Apart

Our ultrasound condition-based monitoring (CBM) takes place in a non-destructive testing (NDT) environment, allowing users to inspect and accurately monitor assets while equipment is fully operational. Our hardware is supported by in-person and cloud-based training, as well as a first-of-its-kind data management platform: InCTRL. The CTRL approach to acoustic ultrasound CBM is viable for a single-site operation or a global multi-site organization.

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