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Get rid of your soap & bubbles. Find leaks fast with the industrial grade UL101.

The CTRL UL101 quickly locates compressed air leaks, gas leaks, and vacuum leaks. Save time and energy. It is extremely easy to operate. Simply aim the leak detector in the direction of the piping and adjust the sensitivity to pinpoint. It also has the best signal-to-noise ratio and highest sensitivity in the market. Find all turbulent flow leaks with the CTRL UL 101.


  • Leak Detection

  • Valves

  • Pressure Leaks

  • Vacuum Leaks

  • Electrical Arcing

  • Transformers

  • Gas Leaks

  • HVAC Leaks

  • Steam Traps

  • Compressed Air Leaks for Energy Savings


  • Fixed Frequency

  • High Sensitivity to All Turbulent Flow Air, Gas, or Vacuum Leaks

  • Easily Adjustable Sensitivity and Gain

  • Lightweight, One-Handed Operation

  • Converts Ultrasound to Easily Recognizable Audible Sounds

  • Standard 9-Volt Battery Means No Waiting to Recharge

Leak Detection

The CTRL UL101 Leak Detector includes attachments for airborne ultrasound applications including leak detection (any type of gas), vacuum leak detection, electrical inspection, and steam leak detection. Additionally, the kit includes a single 3-inch solid probe for diagnosing steam traps and valves by detecting internal by-pass leaks

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