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CTRL’s Reliability Solutions


CTRL’s solutions aren’t limited to best-in-class acoustic sensors. With InCTRL, CTRL’s flagship database management SaaS, organizations can survey, trend, analyze, and report data from thousands of individual test points in real time without being chained to a data stick or a desktop computer. InCTRL Mobile gives end users the ability to create new asset surveys or complete existing CBM routes from anywhere in the world, wirelessly (and securely) sending ultrasound samples, photos, and asset notes to a cloud-based data management platform that can be accessed from any web browser. InCTRL automatically alerts the appropriate users when an asset is operating outside of a pre-determined baseline, creating an immediate call-to-action.

Team Management and Scalability

CTRL’s reliability solutions are designed for quick, seamless integration. Through virtual, on-site, and e-learning instruction, CTRL”s team of experts can quickly help a large organization scale a comprehensive CBM program. In addition to on-site training for teams and Level I/Level II certification courses written in accordance with ASNT standards, CTRL also offers InCTRL e-Learning, a cloud-based QuickStart training training option that uses cognitive science and artificial intelligence to customize instruction to each user. InCTRL e-Learning ships standard with all CTRL hardware and with InCTRL SaaS subscriptions. Whatever the size or scope of your organization’s needs, CTRL’s experts can help you ramp up your team and achieve your KPIs.

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