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Condition-Based Monitoring System

The ability to instantly see, hear, monitor, & diagnose bearings at your fingertips.

What is InCTRL?

InCTRL the cloud-based ultrasound CBM systems was developed by CTRL. Its purpose is to allow companies to analyze, trend, and report the condition of critical components of equipment in their facilities.

How does it work?

The InCTRL mobile app allows the technician to take ultrasound readings directly from the CTRL UL101 sensor, using a standard Android smartphone, and upload that data to the InCTRL server via wi-fi connection. Baselines, test readings, and photos of test points are all stored and accessible immediately upon upload. The newest updates to the app allow for ultrasound data to be efficiently communicated from the technician throughout the organization to quickly identify problems without multiple trips back and forth to a desktop.

Do you already have competitive sensors?

Now current users of ultrasound who have made investments in any sensor have a choice do not necessarily have to reinvest in new hardware to begin benefiting from ultrasound condition based monitoring (CBM).You can expand your current processes to include the capture, storage, and analysis of your data with a call to action as others have. Cables and first-hand instructions are provided, with an InCTRL Connectivity subscription, for connecting those sensors through an Android smartphone to the cloud-based InCTRL system.

InCTRL Benefits:

  • extend machine life

  • increase reliability

  • reduce downtime

  • justify maintenance costs

  • schedule maintenance tasks

  • make maintenance decisions with empirical data

  • improve communication between management & maintenance crews

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