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Acoustic Ultrasound Applications for Power

While helium leak testing is the most common leak detection method in the industry, it has many disadvantages, such as having operator-dependent results and the frequent need to calibrate equipment. CTRL Systems is heavily involved with the implementation of acoustic ultrasound technology for leak detection and condition-based monitoring in the power generation and transmission industry. Acoustic ultrasound detection has become a strong alternative approach for vacuum leak detection. As tested and used by NASA on the International SpaceStation2, acoustic ultrasound leak detection technology is now capable of detecting all turbulent flow gas and vacuum leaks and is used by many power plants for condenser leak detection.

Substation Equipment

  • Lightning Arresters and Bushings

  • Insulators and Transformers

  • Improper Electrical Installation

  • Gas-filled Equipment (SF6 Leaks)

  • Underground Substations

Power Generation Plant

  • Re-heater Tube Leak Detection

  • Condenser Leak Detection

  • Cooling Towers and Heaters

  • Bearings in Pumps, Turbines, Coal Conveyors and Feeders

  • Steam Valves

Distribution and Transmission Lines

  • Arcing and Corona Discharge

  • Insulator Damages

  • Voltage Leakage in Towers

  • Contamination on Conductors

  • Broken Cable Strands

  • Power Loss Due to Corona

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