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CTRL Systems is the industry leader in helping organizations conduct ultrasound electrical inspections on medium and high voltage power lines to conduct partial discharge detection (corona discharge, tracking, arcing, and other electrical faults) with the superior sound qualities of our ultrasound listening devices. 

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UL101 Electrical Inspector


We are the Experts in Acoustic Ultrasound Electrical Inspection.

Better Results, Superior Signals

CTRL's UL101 electrical inspectors are ruggedized for use in caustic environments, including power plants. Our products have the highest signal-to-noise ratio in the industry, and our superior sound quality is ideal for applications from compressed gas leak detection to electrical fault detection. 


Reduced Downtime, Lowered Costs

The cost of a high end ultrasound detector is 3 to 5 times less than the cost of a helium leak detection system. CTRL’s UL101 ultrasound listening devices are priced competitively compared to industry leaders, require less training, and are faster to use. 

Image by American Public Power Associati

Easy to use, Simple to Learn

The UL101 Electrical Inspector allows for ultrasound detection at a high distance when combined with the PowerBeam 300. Reduce time in training with our modules that teach you to successfully operate the UL101 Electrical Inspector within an hour to a few days.

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