The UL101 is a leak detector that maximizes the properties of ultrasound to find all turbulent flow leaks, even vacuum leaks.

Vacuum Leak Detection

Vacuum leaks are difficult to find. Different industries have different reasons to find a vacuum leak in their systems. A vacuum leak in an automobile causes poor fuel efficiency, loss of power, and engine damage. A vacuum leak in a wastewater system will cause excessive wear on pumps and lead to early failure. A vacuum leak in the condensers in a power plant adversely affects the turbine efficiency, causing more fuel to be consumed to generate the same amount of power. (White Paper)

How to find a vacuum leak

The UL101 is used to locate a vacuum leak on the International Space Station and to confirm repairs were completed properly.

The CTRL UL101 Ultrasound Detector is an alternative approach for vacuum leak detection. As tested and used by NASA on the International Space Station, the UL101 Ultrasound Detector is able to detect all turbulent flow gas and vacuum leaks. 

Airborne Ultrasound Testing

Select one of the airborne attachments from the UL101 Detector Kit. Scan the area where a vacuum leak is possible to locate the strongest (most intense) ultrasound signal. Adjust the sensitivity up or down to pinpoint the leak.

Contact Mode Testing

If the leak is not immediately apparent, it is also possible to use a solid probe attachment. Most of the turbulence from a vacuum leak that produces ultrasound is located on the low pressure (internal) side. The turbulence will vibrate the solid probe when the UL101 is used in contact with the vacuum chamber or pipe. Locate the leak by pinpointing the strongest ultrasound signal. 


Recommended Kit:

  • p/n 000036 - UL101 Leak Detector, Standard

  • p/n 000038 - UL101 Leak Detector, Intrinsically Safe

UL101 Leak Detector kit

UL101 Leak Detector kit

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datasheet: UL101 Leak Detector

datasheet: UL101 Leak Detector