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The UL101 Basic Kit

The CTRL UL101 Basic Kit includes attachments for airborne ultrasound applications including leak detection (any type of gas), vacuum leak detection, electrical inspection, and steam leak detection. Additionally, the kit includes a single 3-inch solid probe for diagnosing steam traps and valves by detecting internal by-pass leaks.

The Benefits

Key Features

Fixed Frequency

Easily adjustable sensitivity and gain

Lightweight, one-handed operation

High Sensitivity to all turbulent flow air, gas, or vacuum leaks

Converts ultrasound to easily recognizable audible sounds

Standard 9-Volt Battery means no waiting to recharge


Leak Detection

Acoustic ultrasound is used for indication and location, not leak measurement. Our leak detectors are ruggedized for use in the most caustic of environments, including power plants.

Electrical Inspection

Airborne ultrasound can be used to detect various electrical faults; including corona discharge, tracking, and arcing.

Valve & Steam Traps

Effective use of the UL101 for ultrasound detection on valves can reduce and even eliminate unnecessary overhaul costs, resources, and time. 

How It Works

Using ultrasound detectors for leak detection is a growing industry standard. Acoustic ultrasound leak detection is recommended by many, such as the U.S. Department of Energy, as the best method for detecting the location of leaks in order to minimize energy waste and improve plant efficiency.

The CTRL UL101 Leak Detector converts the ultrasound (40 kHz +/- 1 kHz) down into the audible range and outputs to a headset. All other frequencies are filtered, so that even the smallest air/gas, vacuum, or refrigerant leak can be detected and pinpointed in a noisy plant environment.

Intrinsically Safe

ANSI /UL 91 3-88, for DIVISION 1, CLASS I, Groups A, B, C and D, CLASS II, Groups E, F, G and CLASS III\

It also complies with DIVISION 2, CLASS I, Groups A, B, C and D, CLASS II , Groups F, G, and CLASS III

Technical Specifications

8.75” x 1.26” x 1.26” (222 x 32 x 32 mm)

4.125″ x 1.26″ x 1.26″ (105 x 32 x 32 mm)   

17″ x 8″ x 14″ (43 x 20 x 35 cm)

9 lbs (4 kg)

9-Volt Alkaline (> 45 continuous hours use)

Up to 150 feet (45 m)

Minimum Intensity: 10-12 W/m2 (0 dB SPL)

Minimum Ultrasonic Pressure: 2.0 x 10-5 PA @ 40 kHz 

1.8 – 2.2 kHz @ level 0.7 (or -3 dB SPL)  

40 kHz +/- 1.5 kHz

-4° to +130° F (-20° to +54° C)

Industrial Grade/600-Ohm Impedance

21-24 dB External Noise Attenuation 

Over or Behind-the-Head (for use with hardhat)

5-year parts & labor on all manufacturer’s defects.

No calibration required.

Requalification of performance (once per year)   

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