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Certerian to Serve as CTRL’s Authorized Agent to National and Civil Defense Sectors in Colombia

Updated: Sep 22, 2021


September 21, 2021

Contact: Jeremy Watts

Phone: (410) 840.4861


Westminster, Maryland USA Certerian, an Arolen Company, to Serve as CTRL’s Authorized Agent to National and Civil Defense Sectors in Colombia

Today, CTRL Systems is pleased to announce a formal agreement with Certerian, an Arolen Company, to act as CTRL’s authorized agent in Colombia. Certerian’s primary concentration will be the horizontal promotion of CTRL technology to Colombia’s military, defense, security and civil defense sectors. Certerian’s existing clients include the Colombian Army, Navy, Air Force and National Police, as well as the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces Joint Command. In addition to their primary focus in defense, Certerian is also authorized to represent CTRL to the rest of their large client base, including customers in production plants, infrastructure, oil, gas, mining, energy and public works.

CTRL’s relationship with Certerian builds upon 20 years of similar experience working with civil and military agencies of the United States government and her allies (including Australia, Canada, India, and Israel). CTRL’s ultrasound technology is used by NASA aboard the International Space Station; by Lockheed Martin in production Quality Control and in the life cycle tool kit for the F-35 Joint Fighter jet; by the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marines, and U.S. Air National Guard for aircraft maintenance; by the U.S. Navy Fleet for dockside, surface craft, and submarine maintenance; and by the U.S. Army for wheel and track platform maintenance. In addition to these vetted and approved applications, CTRL is in constant communication with U.S. military personnel to identify, test, and authorize additional applications across all branches and platforms.

“CTRL has a long history of helping government organizations evaluate critical systems, improve man-hours, and maintain fleet readiness,” said Bob Roche, founder and CEO of CTRL Systems, Inc. “We are excited to partner with Certerian as they introduce Colombian government agencies to the same benefits of ultrasound reliability that many others are already experiencing around the world.”

We are very pleased to announce our new business relationship with CTRL Systems,” said Ivan Ribon, Managing Director of Grupo Arolen. “CTRL has an excellent reputation, offering the best solutions on the market for hundreds of acoustic ultrasound, including leak detection and electrical inspection. CTRL’s solutions will serve our primary clients in the Colombian armed forces, as well as the general industrial market.”

Ribon continues: “The complexity and reliability of CTRL’s solutions, coupled with comprehensive end user training and hardware ease of use, will guarantee that CTRL’s products will quickly become a reliability benchmark in the Colombian market. Certerian is committed to a long-term relationship with CTRL Systems; our commercial team’s pressing challenge is to disrupt the market with CTRL’s high-tech solutions and capitalize on immediate opportunities. Ultimately, our mutual goal is CTRL sustained presence – and continued growth – in the overall Colombian market.”

Headquartered in Bogotá, Colombia, CERTERIAN is a premium reseller, distributor and integrator of high-tech defense, police, security, C4ISR, simulation, early-warning and related solutions For more than thirteen years, the Certerian name has

been associated in Colombia and Latin America with advanced defense, military, police, intelligence and early-warning technologies that help different kind of customers to successfully perform both their daily and exceptional activities, beyond the real limits. Certerian is a company within the Arolen Group. For more information about Certerian, please visit or call +57 (1) 236-3800.

CTRL Systems, Inc. are the Ultrasound Experts. Since 1989, they have specialized in the design, manufacture, and complete integration of ultrasound-based solutions for their clients’ quality control, energy savings, life cycle maintenance, and industrial reliability needs. CTRL’s ultrasound listening devices possess the best signal clarity of any ultrasound detector in the market today. InCTRL, the company’s flagship database management and signal analysis SaaS, was the first of its kind and continues to evolve as reliability meets the Internet of Things. Through comprehensive training courses and a holistic implementation approach, CTRL Systems is proud to serve its global client base in the military, commercial aviation, electrical power, and general industrial maintenance market sectors. For more information about CTRL Systems, Inc., please visit or call +1(410) 876-5676.

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