Railroad Solutions

CTRL Commercial Solutions: Railroad

Keeping railcars and locomotives moving is as important to an economy as any industry. CTRL Systems has worked closely with railroad service organizations and operations to identify areas of applications of ultrasound technology that help keep the locomotive industry moving foward.

Implementation of the technology minimizes the time spent find leaks and decreases process downtime for efficient and increased production output. This is critical to an industry whose profitability is closely tied to efficient operations.

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Just a short list of organizations and their practices are listed.

Union Pacific - Inbound/Outbound inspection stations.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe - Service stations, luxury car inspections, fuel and water tanks.

Amtrak - Service stations are daily finding as many applications as possible.

CSX Transportation - Service of railroad systems.


Replace Hydrostatic Testing - fuel and water tanks

Air Brake Systems - leak detection

Luxury Car Inspection - leak detection for pressure and vacuum systems including freon refrigeration

Electric - contactors for arcing caused by shorting wires

Condition Based Monitoring - motor bearings

More... - more than 15 specific assemblies were identified for application use, procedures developed and documented