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CTRL Commercial Solutions: Oil & Gas

CTRL Systems has worked with several groups around the world for implementation of ultrasound to refineries, pipelines, drilling, and services. The UL101 Ultrasound Test Equipment and Systems gives the possibility to adapt the technology quickly for finding a variety of defects.

Implementation of the technology provides new possibilities for early, quick, and inexpensive testing methods that indicate potentially dangerous defects at initial stages of their occurence and development. CTRL Ultrasound Technology significantly surpasses other modern technologies at less costs for a wider range of benefits.

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Just a short list of organizations and their practices are listed.

Lukoil - One of the many uses within Lukoil include the utilization of the UL101 for the first offshore platform in the Baltic Sea. Other areas of use include gas filling stations, metal construction plants, transformer substations, and sea platforms.

Shell - Africa Offshore Platforms

Exxon Mobile - Gulf Coast

Petro/Canada - Pipeline

Nexen Petroleum - Buzzard Platform off the coast of Scotland in the North Sea

Syncrude Canada, Ltd. - Pipeline and Athabasca Oil Sands

Schlumberger Oilfield Services - CTRL helped integrate the technology throughout several facilities in North America.


In most all cases, the oil & gas industry requires the intrinsically safe UL101.

Leak Detection of tubing lines, transporting containers (Nitrogen, air, and Methane-Butane), and compressed air systems

Electrical Arcing Detection in tubing malfunctions & breakages in electrical contacts & insulation accompanied by arcing, sparking, partial discharge, etc.

Reclamation of platforms after hurricanes or aging

Steam Trap Assessment

Condition Based Monitoring

Troubleshooting solenoids on service vehicle transmissions, washed out valves on manifolds, problems with PTO drives and more