CTRL UL101 Ultrasound Detector

The CTRL UL101 is a handheld, non-destructive inspection system, which utilizes ultrasonic technology for predictive maintenance, troubleshooting, safety, and quality control.

The UL101 Receiver, the primary component in the system, detects and converts ultrasound into easily recognizable sounds within the human range of hearing and supplies output to a headset, as well as to an analog meter. The UL101 offers the best signal and sensitivity available on the market today (at least 3 times more sensitive than nearest competitor as tested by NASA).

Several UL101 Detector Kits are available for various applications and budgets.

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Key Features

Industrial Grade - David Clark headsets & ruggedized aluminum housing

Long Battery Life - 50 Continuous hours operation with standard 9-V battery

Extremely Sensitive - More than 3 times sensitive than the nearest competitor

Best Signal-To-Noise - Clear signal with extremely low static interference

Easy To Use Controls - One-handed operation of sensitivity dial and switch; no need to adjust frequency

No Calibration - Turn it on and it works; no need to return to the factory every year

Additional Support - Includes training CD + 1-1/2 day training course

Standard or Intrinsically Safe Models* - Used in all manufacturing facilities, even when there is a potential for hazardous gases
*ANSI/UL 913-88, for DIVISION 1, CLASS I, Groups A, B, C and D, CLASS II, Groups E, F, G and CLASS III. It also complies with DIVISION 2, CLASS I, Groups A, B, C and D, CLASS II, Groups F, G, and CLASS III
Detailed Specifications

UL101 Kit Options

000031 - UL101 Full Kit Standard

000033 - UL101 Full Kit Intrinsically Safe

000036 - UL101 Air Audit Kit Standard

000038 - UL101 Air Audit Kit Intrinsically Safe