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What is Acoustic Ultrasound Leak Detection?

CTRL defines acoustic ultrasound leak detection as the process of using high-frequency sounds produced by pressurized escaped gas to find leaks within a machine or system. CTRL’s solutions include pressure and vacuum leak detection that allows you to locate noise within a noisy environment using the UL101 Leak Detector. Learn more about the UL101’s superior signal-to-noise ratio here


Using acoustic ultrasound detectors for leak detection is a growing industry standard. Ultrasonic leak detection is recommended by many, such as the U.S. Department of Energy, as the best method for detecting the location of leaks to minimize energy waste and improve plant efficiency. Although there are many cheap alternatives available now, most do not achieve the desired results of 20-50% reduction in compressors energy consumption that ultrasound leak detection is capable of.  

Detect & Convert Ultrasound Into Human Audible Range of Hearing

The UL101 detects & converts ultrasound into human audible range of hearing

Other advantages of ultrasound for leak detection include the following:


Simply adjust the sensitivity on the UL101 Leak Detector’s small handheld receiver to locate and pinpoint the leak; quickly scan areas from distances up to 300 feet away with the PowerBeam 300 parabolic accessory. 


Due to low amplitudes and short wavelengths, ultrasound travels in linear paths and does not tend to travel around corners or reflect. Using CTRL’s ultrasound listening products, leaks are not easily masked.

No calibration needed

Ultrasound is used for indication and location, not leak measurement. Our leak detectors are ruggedized for use in the most caustic of environments, including power plants


Technological improvements have given our UL101 products the capability to find leaks faster and with greater confidence. Your condenser systems can now run at normal and even improved vacuum levels to improve power turbine efficiency. 



The cost of a high end ultrasound detector required for condenser leak detection is 3 to 5 times less than the cost of a helium leak detection system. CTRL’s UL101 are priced competitively compared to industry leaders, require less training, and are much faster to use. In many power plants where ultrasound is deployed, a full-time technician scans the condenser, exchanger, and multiple other systems for ultrasound. A 0.01% improvement in power generation pays for the integration and manpower of the technology in a matter of days.

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