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The UL101 Troubleshooter helps identify faulty valves and steam traps.

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Ultrasound Valve & Steam Solutions

As fluid passes or flows around an obstruction, downstream turbulence is generated, resulting in an auditory signature. The differential changes in the signature (i.e. amplitude) is considered leak-by. Effective use of the UL101 Troubleshooter for ultrasound reliability on valves can reduce and even eliminate unnecessary overhaul costs, resources, and time. For more information on UL101 ultrasound listening devices that can help with valve and steam leaks, see the related products below.

How to find a Valve Bypass Leak

Use the CTRL UL101 Troubleshooter together with a solid probe attachment.

Record keeping of valve inspection available with the InCTRL software.

How to find a Faulty Steam Trap

A steam trap is simply an automatic valve that allows discharges to condensate and other non-condensable gases, making your steam system more efficient. Use the CTRL UL101 Troubleshooter together with a solid probe attachment.

Record keeping of steam trap inspection available with the InCTRL software.

Industry information


CTRL Systems, Inc. has been supplying its ultrasound technology to the US government, defense, and its allies for more than 20 years. As a result of CTRL's dedication to turnkey integration, the UL101 is a standard tool in many mission critical applications on platforms such as F-35, C-130, and F-18.

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