Noisy Environment?

Not a Problem.

Airborne ultrasound detection can be used to easily locate leaks within a noisy environment. CTRL Systems has designed an easy-to-use device that is more sensitive than any other ultrasound detector in the world. With the UL101, you can detect leaks from up to 150 feet away and pinpoint their exact location in mere seconds. The UL101 is not affected by loud industrial environments and can be used in windy conditions. It can be used to locate any type of turbulent compressed gas or vacuum leak. Applications include: compressed air energy swings (reduce compressor usage by 20-30%!), vacuum leak detection, HVAC leak detection, dry sprinkler inspection, steam system inspection, cabin testing, and many more!

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UL101 Leak Detector, Standard (Part Number 000036) or Intrinsically Safe (Part Number 000038)

The UL101 Leak Detector quickly locates the ultrasound produced by compressed gas and vacuum leaks. Simply aim the leak detector in the direction of the piping and adjust the sensitivity to pinpoint the location of any leak with turbulent flow. The UL101 has the best signal-to-noise ratio and highest sensitivity in the market. Leaks sound like rushing air in the operator's head set, and the gain can be minimized to eliminate all or most ultrasonic "white noise" for an operator-friendly user experience. 


PowerBeam 300 Parabolic Accessory (Part Number 007005)

The PowerBeam 300 is a parabolic accessory originally designed to test high voltage insulator and transformers from a safe distance with a high degree of accuracy. The PowerBeam 300 can accurately pinpoint sources of ultrasound within 1 degree off center from up to 300 feet (91.44 meters) away.

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White Paper: More than a leak detector

Although leak detection is the application for which ultrasound listening devices (ULDs) are most well known, the UL101 and the InCTRL cloud-based platform can be crucial building blocks for developing a full-fledged reliability program.