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Leaders in Ultrasound Listening Devices, Accessories, and Software

With the UL101 and our conditioned based monitoring technology, you can detect leaks from up to 150 feet away and pinpoint their exact location in mere seconds. The UL101 is not affected by loud industrial environments and can be used in windy conditions.

The UL101 Electrical Inspector utilizes airborne attachments to safely inspect sealed electrical panels and substations. The UL101 Electrical inspector allows for early, long-distance detection of arcing, corona discharge, and tracking.

UL101 Troubleshooter

The UL101 Troubleshooter includes all the components of the UL101 Leak Detector and more, further extending the application of your device. From leak detection to lubrication, the UL101 Troubleshooter is a fully integrated solution for a variety of issues you may encounter within your system.

The PowerBeam 300 accurately pinpoints source of ultrasound to within 1 degree from center and improves the sensitivity of the UL101. 


Real-time waveform generation. Instantaneous email notifications when components are under-lubricated or failing. Detailed CSV and PDF reporting. FFT spectral analysis. And an intuitive database management solution.

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