The UL101 Corona Kit includes the UL101 Receiver and PowerBeam 300. The kit was designed for quick, safe inspection of power distribution and transmission but can be used for any airborne application.

CTRL UL101 Corona Kit

Leaking or tracking voltage can be serious at any specific temperature rise and special
provisions should be taken to determine the severity. Load demands and the critical nature of particular components should also be considered while determining severity.

It is important to document all inspection routes for familiarization of all components inspected, as well as identify systems unable to be tested due to lack of electrical load or lack of access. Using the CTRL UL101 Corona Kit provides an affordable, effective solution to reducing transmission loss and outages.

Early detection of corona discharge, tracking, & arcing

Detect problems when no heat is present; used with or without infrared

Inspect from great distances. There is no need to open electrical panels.

10 to 20 times less than a corona camera.



Distance of Reception – up to 300 ft 
Threshold of Sensitivity – 0 dB SPL
Resonance Frequency – 40 kHz +/- 1 kHz
Operating Temperature –  -4° to +130° F
(-20° to +54° C)
UL101 Power Supply – standard 9 Volt battery
UL101 Battery Life – 45 continuous hours
PB300 Power Supply - standard AAA battery (x 2)
PB300 Battery Life – 30 continuous hours


Power Transmission - switch gear, transformers, etc.
Electrical Inspection - arcing, tracking, corona discharge
Leak Detection (Vacuum & Pressurized)
Steam Trap / Leak Inspection


Energy Savings
Corona Discharge
Electrical Arcing & Tracking to Prevent Arc Flash
Time Savings
Cost Savings vs. Corona Camera


GSA Contract #: GS-06F-0001 N
CTRL Cage Code: 62373