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CTRL Systems Launches CloudCTRL Learning Platform

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

CTRL Systems Launches CloudCTRL Learning Platform

CTRL Systems, Inc. (Westminster, MD USA) – CTRL Systems is pleased to announce the launch of a new online training portal in support of CTRL Systems acoustic ultrasound solutions. CloudCTRL Learning is an adaptive teaching platform which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help its users retain more knowledge for a longer period of time than traditional training methods. The platform increases long-term retention by allowing users to space out learning episodes across time rather than fitting them all into a single session. Most methods of training lead to a loss of retention up to 90% over 30 days. Daily 5-minute review sessions in CloudCTRL Learning — individually customized to each team member’s learning speed and comprehension skills – serve to mitigate the typical loss of knowledge. Mobile access to the platform offers best-in-class efficiency and access.

“Our newly launched training platform offers a clear pathway to organizational synergy and acoustic ultrasound technology integration through a robust training solution,” said Jeremy Watts, CTRL Systems Director of Marketing and Business Development. “When the whole team is approaching new technology with the same knowledge base and a shared emphasis on retention, they can better work together to quickly integrate ultrasound into daily operations, develop new condition monitoring procedures, and maximize their return on investment.”

Prior to launch, CTRL Systems worked with several key clients and trusted partners to beta test the UL101 Quick-Start Training “The training site works marvelously,” according to a user associated with NASA and the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory. “The pride you take in your work is truly inspiring, and I very much appreciated your direct support in resolving an agency challenge.”

The first course in the CloudCTRL Learning Library is “UL101 Quick-Start Training”, created in support of CTRL’s flagship acoustic ultrasound listening device (ULD), the CTRL UL101. Single user access for the UL101 Quick-Start Training currently ships with all UL101 kit configurations. Any UL101 user who has purchased their device in the past year can access the platform by registering the serial number on their UL101 receiver at Additional users (or users with older devices) can purchase access to the course at The second course in the CloudCTRL Learning Library, “InCTRL Quick-Start Training”, will launch this month.

CTRL Systems, Inc., is headquartered in Westminster, Maryland, USA and specializes in the design of acoustic ultrasound listening technology, database management SAAS, and condition-based monitoring program implementation for commercial industry, NASA and international armed forces. The company’s programs are supported by comprehensive training, analysis software, data capture, and ultrasound detectors. CTRL Systems builds upon its technology to successfully integrate ultrasound to meet the specific needs of its customers. For more information about CTRL Systems, Inc. and the CloudCTRL Learning Platform, please visit or call 877-287-5797.

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