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CTRL Presents

Electrical Failures Diagnosed

with Acoustic Ultrasound

Locating faults in electrical assets is difficult, because it’s needed direct line of sight for visual inspection or other camera related solutions, and being close by that is a constant risk for inspectors. Acoustic Ultrasound can detect failures related to partial discharges in medium and high voltage elements, excessive contamination, mechanical failures and leaks in assets within the areas of generation, transmission and distribution.

Hugo Resendiz

Hugo is the Electrical Market’s Technical Coordinator of CTRL Systems, Inc. has 21 years of experience in the industry and 9 years as Acoustic Ultrasound specialist. Mechanical and electrical engineer, MBA in quality and productivity, master’s degree in reliability engineering, maintainability and risk analysis, CMRP, level III acoustic ultrasound and cat-II vibration analyst. Has developing projects on electrical power plants, transmission and distribution grids in Mexico, Cambodia, Colombia and Argentina.

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