CTRL Ultrasonic Leak Detector for Pressure and Vacuum Leak Detection
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UL101 Ultrasonic Leak Detector

The CTRL UL101 is the most sensitive ultrasonic detector on the market and one of the easiest to use.

Turn it on and adust the sensitivity to eliminate ambient ultrasound. You will pick up the sound of a leak in your noisy plant very quickly.

Several UL101 Detector Kits are available for various applications and budgets.

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CTRL Leak Detection Advantages

Easy To Use Controls - Turn it on. Check the battery. Adjust sensitivity.

Locates Leaks Quickly - Detect air, gas, and steam leaks by simply pointing in the direction of potential faults.

Detects in Noisy Environments - Ultrasound ignores ambient audible sound, allowing small leaks to be detected in noisy plants.

Narrow Beam of Focus - The UL101 kit and its accessories narrows the range of focus for easily pinpointing the source of ultrasound.

Long Battery Life - A single 9-Volt battery operates the UL101 for 45-50 continuous hours. Other products use rechargeable batteries that require 3-5 hours of recharging after only 6 hours of use.

Extremely Sensitive - The UL101 is much more sensitive than its closest competitors.

Unmatched Signal-To-Noise Ratio - Other ultrasonic detectors produce a lot of white noise that can mask a leak. The UL101 eliminates the white noise.

CTRL UL101 Air Audit Kit

air audit kit