Ultrasound Products & Programs

From Leak Detection To Energy Savings And Condition Based Monitoring

Ultrasound is a cost-beneficial way for any manufacturing facility or service organization to save time and money. CTRL designs and manufactures products to the highest standards, as tested by NASA, the U.S. Military, and numerous commercial organizations around the world.

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Energy Savings For Compressed Air

CTRL's Energy Savings Program (CTRL ESP) combines real-time compressor power usage with leak detection and repair.

Save at least $2 for every $10 you spend on your compressed air system.

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Save 20%-50%

Ultrasound Condition Based Monitoring

CTRL's Condition Based Monitoring Program (CTRL CBM) integrates the UL101 and real-time analysis software to detect and diagnose early signs of failure in critical equipment.

Just 15 minutes per month decreases unplanned downtime and extends equipment life dramatically.

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Double Equipment Life

Audible vs. Ultrasound

Diagnosing Defective Bearings

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