InCTRL Reporting & Analysis

InCTRL is a data management, trending, and analysis system that works together with SoundCTRL and the UL101 for a complete condition based monitoring package.

CTRL helps integrate InCTRL, SoundCTRL and the UL101 for improved maintenance practices, cost savings, and equipment reliability.

The InCTRL web-based application is a unique, cost-effective solution for ultrasound non-destructive testing and is available for an annual or monthly subscription.

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Key Features

Secure Web-Based Application - Share data easily and securely between locations within your organization

Wireless Uploads  - Upload ultrasound samples wirelessly from SoundCTRL*

Flags & Sends E-Mail Alerts  - Flags and sends alerts when amplitude exceeds set threshold

Bearing Health Assessment - Responses include: under lubricated, normal, suspect, questionable

Trend Ultrasound Data - Trend components to detect early signs of equipment wear

Dynamic Reporting - Create reports for cost justification, meetings, and long-term planning

Multiple Location Deployment - Corporate-wide implementation

*Wireless features require an InCTRL subscription and a wireless Internet connection. InCTRL Specifications

InCTRL Subscription Options

041060 - InCTRL Master User Account (1-yr subscription)

041020 - InCTRL Additional User Account (1-yr subscription)

000101 - InCTRL Basic *

* Includes SoundCTRL + UL101 Full Kit for each location