Major Milestones in CTRL's History

CTRL Company History

CTRL Systems, Inc. was founded and incorporated in 1989. The company was initially formed to provide marketing and development support for the CTRL SeriesTM computer maintenance management system (CMMS) program. Some of the earliest users of the CTRL Series for equipment and fleet management include Frito Lay, Core States Bank, Kenan Transport, and Brigham Young University.

In 1992, CTRL became a master distributor of the CTRL UL101 (UL101) ultrasonic inspection device (formerly marketed as the "Ultraphonic 101" and originally designed for the U.S. military). This product utilizes a specific ultrasonic frequency range to provide non-intrusive and non-destructive pre-failure detection of potential problems in critical mechanical and electrical equipment. The synergy of the potential market for the UL101, combined with CTRL's existing customer base and success in this market, made this a logical product extension. In 1994, CTRL acquired exclusive rights for manufacturing and distribution of the UL101.

Significant Achievements

1998 - Research & Development

PhD level scientists with more than 120 patents to their name were brought together to form the new CTRL laboratory in order to advance ultrasonic technology to a new level.

2001 - NASA Selects CTRL UL101

Astronauts used the UL101 for various applications including the detection of gas leaks, and it is now a permanent fixture on the ISS. CTRL delivered a product that met all of NASA's requirements within 30 days of the first meeting.

2002 - NASA Selects CTRL UL101 For Each Space Shuttle

Due to the success of the use of the UL101 aboard the International Space Station, NASA made the CTRL Technology a permanent fixture for each flight of the Orbiters.

2002 - U.S. Commercial Service Export Achievement Certificate

Congressman Bartlett of Maryland presented CTRL with the U.S. Commercial Service Export Achievement Certificate. Maria-Angelica Vargas of the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development stated at the award ceremony, "CTRL is an example of a small company that has done all the right things to develop its international strategy."

2003 - SoundCTRL Signal Analysis Software Introduced

The first step was taken for portable data capture, analysis, and comparison.

2005 - Turnkey Implementation

CTRL refocused its approach to the market by providing its products through a turnkey systematic approach to technology implementation. Organizations embracing the technology have a new way to duplicate results from plant to plant.

2008 - InCTRL Systems Integration and Reporting Introduced

The new system provides organizations with unparalleled control over their critical equipment and is a major component for capturing and sharing information.

2010 - U.S. Navy Fleet Advisory For UL101 Implementation

An advisory was published to the entire U.S. Naval Fleet recommending and authorizing the CTRL UL101 be used onboard ships and dockside to locate vacuum leaks.

Future Considerations

CTRL continues to advance the ultrasound technology and implementation programs through new sensors and software, which meet the needs of customers by providing innovative sound solutions to everyday challenges.