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More Than a Leak Detector

Ultrasound listening devices (ULDs) are capable of much more than leak detection.

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Electrical Failure Diagnosis

Spectral Analysis of Airborne Ultrasound based on ISO 29281-1 recommendations.

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Pinpointing Leaks in Re-Heaters

A routine leak detection program using ultrasound can be implemented to avoid unscheduled downtime of re-heater and boiler tube failures.

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Non-Pressurized Vessel Testing

Using an Ultrasound Listening Device (ULD) and Ultrasonic Transmitter to leak test non-pressurized spaces.

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Ultrasound Condition-Based Monitoring

The InCTRL database management platform can be used to develop a full-scale, turnkey predictive condition-based process for manufacturing and industry.

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Lubrication with InCTRL

The use of the InCTRL platform will help the user not only determine the severity of an abnormality, but will also provide a practical way to report findings on routinely inspected bearings.

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Leak Detection for Power Generation Condensers

Using an ultrasound listening device (ULD), improve power generation efficiency and output to keep up with the growing demands of electricity usage.

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Personal Safety with Airborne Ultrasound

Using ultrasound listening devices (ULDs) to detect toxic gas leaks, electrical faults, etc.